Our products have been developed through years of research and development, in-place applications, and studying the results of their use. We currently manufacture a full suite of products to treat hydrocarbon impacts in the soil and groundwater and are in development for products that will also treat impacts from various other contaminants of concern.

Our products have all been approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection through their Innovative Technology Acceptance Program within the Division of Waste Management.
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microFUEL is a proprietary blend of macro- and micro-nutrients utilized for in-situ bioremediation. The blend is mixed with potable water or extracted groundwater and introduced to the subsurface through a variety of methods.


DEZORB-IT is a proprietary rhamnolipid/synthetic blend biosurfactant utilized to address petroleum hydrocarbons that are trapped (i.e. free product) and/or sorbed to smear-zone and vadose-zone soils. DEZORB-IT is manufactured by blending a non-ionic surfactant with natural rhamnolipids that are produced using bacterial cultures. 

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PetroBloom is a consortium of facultative microbes designed to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants in the soil and groundwater. 

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